John Russo Trophy

The John Russo Trophy is the VFUA’s highest honour, awarded to umpires who demonstrate great commitment to the Association as well as achieving on-field excellence.

If a nomination for this award is received throughout the year, a vote is conducted at the AGM by attending members Рa majority vote will see the nominee awarded the John Russo Trophy.

1997Russell Davidson
1998David Flegg
1999Anthony Black
2000No Award
2001Chris Snell
2002No award
2003Daniel Wilson
2004Rob Findlay
2005Jason Armstrong
2005Adam Wojcik
2006David Flegg
2007No award
2008Stephen Gloag
2009No award
2010Richard Mills
2011Tristan Burgess
2012Daniel Butcher
2013Michael Curtis
2014Steve Piperno
2015Daniel Butcher
Lachlan Rayner
2016No award
2017Michael Curtis
2018Andrew Talbot
2019-2020No award
2021Melissa Sambrooks
2022Matthew Mahoney
2023No award