Courage Award

The VFUA Courage Award is awarded to members who have overcome great personal adversity in the past 12 months and demonstrated a commitment to umpiring despite the challenges they have faced.

If a nomination for this award is received throughout the year, a vote is conducted at the AGM by attending members Рa majority vote will see the nominee awarded the Courage Award.

1977Ken Quinn
1978John Moss
1979Robert Dunball
1980Dennis Gollop
1981Bruce McLellan
1982Glen James OAM
1983Steven Donohue
1984Ian Clayton
1985Kevin Smith
1988Ian Haynes
1994Darryl Hammond
1995Andrew Malcolm
1996Dan Beard
1998Sam Nathan
2001Paul Anderson (dec)
2004Peter Balding
2005Bruce McCorkell
2011Bruce McCorkell
2011Matt Sanders
2012Damien Cusack
2013Leigh Keen
2013Josh Mather
2015Ben Macdonald
2015Gareth Verberne
2016Rob Young
2017Jamie Grindal
2017Damien Main
2017Simon Plumridge
2023Lachlan Wright