On the Couch with Thomas Chrystie – James Davey’s 100th Game

James Davey is umpiring his 100th game on Saturday Northern Blues v Essendon, James is a high achieving leader on the senior squad and has been a valued senior umpire for the past six years. James took the time during the week to sit down with his life coach, best friend and confidant to discuss his excitement for this weekend.

daveyTom – James, a lot of good memories, any highlights?
James – Yeah the state game last year was certainly a highlight, I felt comfortable umpiring at that level and really enjoyed it.
Tom – Last year was a good year for you then James?
James – You always strive for that VFL grand final I fell short last year but in umpiring you have to take the positives, and as you are well aware I am a glass half full person so hopefully there are more opportunities out there.
Tom – Any regrets?
James – Yeah going to New York with you for preseason, first of all you made me blow out my skinnies and you would have to be the single worst bloke in the world to travel with.
Tom – Bit rough, I wasn’t the one slapping down a triple cheeseburger per day?
James – Good point, no regrets.
Tom – James congratulations on your achievement this week, are you looking forward to the game?
James – Yeah, it has never really been a focus of mine to achieve this specific number. But certainly looking forward to going out on the weekend and carrying Ben and Michael. I guess over the last 99 games you will find me punching out 5-6 minute mid zone stints without a care in the world or an error, so I can’t imagine much changing this weekend.
Tom – Yeah right, so you back yourself then?
James – Well honestly I bounce darts, I am fast, the players respect me and historically I am less than one fk error a game.
Tom – Well as you say to every umpire before you umpire with them James – “Don’t be shit”! Good luck and thank you for joining me on the couch.