Bailing With Bailes

MemberProfile_Bailes_PPeter Bailes (#22) – VFL Senior Field Umpire

First started umpiring with?
Moorabbin Saints Junior Football League (now the SMJFL)
What made you take up umpiring?
For the cash money!
Career highs or lows?
Youngest to ever umpire a VAFA A grade grand final would be a high, low point would be not being able to see all my mates at training twice a week in 2020.
Most memorable umpiring moment
Sitting the bench for an AFL game
Most forgettable umpiring moment
Falling on my ass after backing out from a ball up at Windy Hill
Most influential coach/mentor in umpiring?
Tony Hales
Best advice given to you early on in your career?
Listen to every bit of advice given to you, then choose what you do with it.
Most influential fellow umpiring peer?
Andrew Heffernan and Dan Butcher
What do you like most about being an umpire?
Having a locker next to Jack Edwards at training
What can you not go without doing on match day?
After crossing the centre circle, I take 3 steps and my 3rd step (always the left foot) I blow my whistle to test if it’s working
Favourite sport besides footy?
Basketball or golf
What’s your best sporting experience outside of footy?
Leading the scoring title in the Sandringham Basketball Association’s men’s C grade Tuesday night basketball
What are the benefits of being a VFUA member?
I don’t have enough time to write them.
The constant communication from the senior field track rep, the support he gives the group and the way he delivers information is probably top of the list
What’s your occupation/day-job?
Science and maths teacher at Brighton Secondary College
Favourite food?
My aunty Karen’s spaghetti with meatballs and sauce. She’s Italian so that’s a given
Favourite movie?
Avengers. All of them.
Favourite artist/band?
Harry Styles right up there. Post Malone and Fall Out Boy close second.
3 people you’d like to have dinner with
Kim Jong-Un, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson
Favourite holiday destination
Victoria Park
Most admired person, why?
Matt Mahoney, because there’s nothing the man can’t do.