Golf Day Review

The Annual VFUA Golf Day took place last Sunday 24th of May at the Ivanhoe Golf course. The weather turned it up and produced a cracking day for a hit. For some, egos were on the line and winning was everything. For most, simply making contact with the golf ball and not losing it over the fence was success enough. Continue reading

Lawn Bowls Review


Multitasking Michael Curtis

Allow me to paint you a word picture… You wake up, it’s a Sunday morning and you’re feeling surprisingly fresh from the night before. You look through a crack between your blinds and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day. Alas! You remember that today is Sunday the 3rd of April, the day of the Annual VFUA Lawn Bowls day.  Haven’t the stars aligned for you? It’d be rude not to head down to Fitzroy Gardens to enjoy a cheeky snag and a bowl with your fellow VFUA members. Continue reading

Golf Day

2016 Golf Day

The second social event of the year is the Annual VFUA GolfDay, hosted by Ivanhoe Golf Club on ANZAC Day Eve.

This is a fantastic day out and promises to deliver another close result with a huge number already getting ready. Continue reading